Tagging Taxonomies

What are they?

Essentially a set of words that you use to categorise tracks. These can be anything you want that make sense to you. If you’ve used iTunes, this is similar to the “Grouping” field.

For example, you could rate a song according to mood, energy level, instruments used in the track, when you would normally play a track during a set or a night, etc. In Trainspotter this is completely configurable, and you can also apply these tags without any typing.

The tags that you use here can also be used to generate playlists and you can search for the tag values in Traktor too.

The original motivation came from various articles on djtechtools around iTunes Power Tips (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). You can use Trainpotter to address these playlists and tagging issues without using iTunes, and having it directly integrate with your Traktor collection.

There’s a good post on djtechtools here about categorising your music which you can translate in to your own tagging system.

Here is how I’ve currently got mine set up: