• Uses Discogs or Beatport to search for and retrieve track data, including multiple genres
  • Searches using existing data in your Traktor collection or using the filenames of your tracks
  • Allows non exact matching of files to track names, e.g. it can match  “Hello World (First Remix)” with “Hello World (First Mix)”
  • Batch update tracks from Discogs based on your defined matching criteria
  • Click on images in Google images to embed artwork in one click

Updating your Traktor collection

  • Allows you to specify which fields to update, e.g. you may not want Trainspotter to update your genres
  • Embeds cover art in to files so they show up in Traktor
  • Will automatically update other tracks on the same release that you have in your collection
  • Rate your tracks from 0-100%
  • Apply cover art to all tracks you have on a particular release
  • Drag and drop files and directories in to your collection and extract tag values from the filename and folder structure

iTunes Integration

  • Sync your folders and playlists form iTunes in to your Traktor collection
  • Sync your ratings from iTunes to Traktor and vice versa
  • Sync your Groupings tags from iTunes to your Comments2 field in Traktor
  • Connects to iTunes to search for the currently playing track in Discogs or Beatport
  • iTunes is updated directly as you identify tracks
  • Can detect keys of all audio tracks playable in iTunes, MP3, AAC, M4A, Apple Lossless and WAV


  • Create dynamic playlists using the UI or use XPATH/XQUERY expressions to query your collection
  • Create regular playlists
  • Create playlists based on the contents of other playlists
  • Quickly preview tracks in your default media player before adding to a playlist
  • Click here for some examples of how these can help you
  • Comes with a set of standard queries over your Traktor collection to help your workflow - tracks by genre, missing tags, import date, release date, artist, label


  • Rename your tracks based on their tags
  • Quickly create playlists based on import date, release date, key, groupings

Custom tagging

  • Define your own tagging taxomony to help you find matching tracks in your collection
  • Select tagging strings from drop downs instead of typing them in each time
  • Optionally plays the track you are tagging in your default audio player
  • Define your own genres and styles heirarchy allowing to quickly tag the genres of a track


  • Speeds up the process of recording and tagging by creating blank named audio files and opening them with your audio editor program. All you have to do is identify your track in Discogs, hit “Record”, record your track and it appears in your Traktor collection already correctly tagged. Encode the track to FLAC or MP3 and the artwork is displayed in Traktor too.
  • Creates your blank audio files in various sample rates and bit depths in WAV or AIFF complete with tags
  • Can automatically add your recorded releases to your Discogs collection at the same time
  • Allows you to specify the folder/filename format of your blank audio files depending on the release data in Discogs

FLAC/AIFF/MP3 encoding

  • Will encode all your wav files in you collection to FLAC or MP3 format including the cover art and place them in a directory/file structure of your choice

Mixing history

  • Tags all tracks that you have previously mixed together by querying your playlist history - now when you search for the current artist and track name in Traktor, the results show all the tracks that have followed it

Key Detection

  • Detects the keys of wav, aiff, mp3, flac, m4a and aac files
  • Allows you to specify your own format of key notation
  • Uses mulitple cores to process tracks, each track is processed in a few seconds
  • Store your keys in the key tag or comments