Before using Trainspotter 3 make sure you have backed up your collection and any audio files before you start, just in case - I haven’t had any reports of audio files being damaged for a long time.

Prerequisites for version 3

  • Traktor Pro 1.2.x or Traktor Pro 2.x
  • Java 7 update 40 or above (this requires OSX 10.7 and above) - haven’t tested with Java 8 yet
  • Safari

If you are running OSX 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 you can download the latest version of Java here as Java is no longer installed by default in OSX.

If you are running a Windows machine you need to make sure you download the 32-bit JDK if you download the 32-bit version of Trainspotter 3, or the 64-bit JDK if you download the 64-bit version of Trainspotter 3. You can find these JDK downloads here.

Windows users should also follow the instructions here to install Safari and configure the Windows registry if you’re also using iTunes. If you don’t have Safari installed Trainspotter will start to run then close.

Installing Trainspotter 3

Before you download, please note that Trainspotter is not freeware. All the functions of Trainspotter apart from the key detection and iTunes integration are free for you to use. The key detection is limited to 20 detections each time you run Trainspotter. The iTunes integration will sync only a portion of your tracks.

OS X users can download Trainspotter 3 from here

Windows users can download it from here for the 64-bit version or here for the 32-bit version.

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, extract it to a place on your hard drive and then open the Trainspotter3 folder and double click the Trainspotter3 file to start Trainspotter.

Depending on your system configuration Trainspotter may ask you for the location of your NML file - this is the collection.nml that is used by Traktor to store you music library information and is usually located in /Users/username/Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor. You can find the location of the directory in the Traktor “Data Location” preference page.

If you have more than one version of Traktor installed, check that Trainspotter is using the correct collection.nml for the version of Traktor you are running, otherwise any updates you do in Trainspotter won’t be visible in Traktor.

Updating Trainspotter

When updates are available Trainspotter should let you know when you run it, a little notification will appear in the bottom right of the window. Click on it and it will then take you through the update process. If necessary you can always revert back to a previous version by using the Help->”About Trainspotter3″ menu option, clicking on Installation Details->Installation History and selecting the install date to revert to and clicking “Revert”.

Upgrading from Trainspotter 2

The usual in application update doesn’t fully work when upgrading to Trainspotter 3, so just follow the installation process above. Trainspotter 3 will migrate your Trainspotter 2 settings when you start it up for the first time. You can still run Trainspotter 2 without interfering with the Trainspotter 3 settings and vice versa.


If you need help with Trainspotter 3 please check out the forum and post any issues or suggestions there.